First issue of 2022 explores the new Shapeshifter album, the best single by the Queen of Winter Songs and the anime The Heike Story
What happened to Komuro after the 2000s, and why time is right for a re-evaluation of the producer's hits
Ami Suzuki arrives as the fresh new personality from the Komuro Family who can show that a more optimistic lifestyle can lie ahead.
Tomomi Kahara inspire a pop story from Komuro that breaks the mold of the tales familiar to the rest of the Komuro Family.
Globe explore the overarching, ambient melancholy surrounding the narrative of Komuro's city songs
Namie Amuro embodied the personal in Komuro's club songs while growing into the idol representing the lifestyle associated with the genre.
TRF established Eurodance as not just Japanese club music but the soundtrack to city life
An intro to a series of five essays on the singles that defined the hit-maker in the ‘90s
A rundown of This Side of Japan's top 25 Japanese albums of the year
We wrap up the best of 2021 coverage with selections picked by friends of the newsletter
Celebrating a great year in music in Japan, featuring songs by Gen Hoshino, Hitsujibungaku, Hakushi Hasegawa and many, many more
Listing the year's best from Gen Hoshino, Hitsujibungaku, Hakushi Hasegawa and more