Monthly Listening: May 2021

This month's rundown of great new releases by Homecomings, Inshow Ha and many more

Hi! This is March’s Monthly Listening list, a quick rundown of new Japanese albums I checked out this month that I enjoyed. You can browse past Monthly Listenings in the archives.

May has honestly been a busy month for me. I’ve only tacked on one additional assignment, but for some reason, catching up with the usual newsletter stuff has felt more labor intensive. It’s got a bit in the way of my listening with me having to carve out more time to brush up on music related to whatever I am writing about rather than checking out the new stuff. Not that it has brought me only the bad: I discovered a couple of cool older records in the process, so it has not all been simple homework.

Here are the new releases I enjoyed in May. And as usual, here is a Spotify playlist of songs that didn’t make the cut in the main newsletter.

Yosuga by Ayano Kaneko | folk / pop

► “Joyo

Moving Days by Homecomings | indie rock

► “Herge

Sputnik by Inshow Ha | alt rock

► “Wanna

*Read about the album in issue #33

Oyogumane by Kabanagu | electronic / pop

► “Granew

Ladybug by LiSA | pop / rock

► “Another Great Day!!

Sode No Migiwa by Ohzora Kimishima | folk / pop

► “Mukougami

Born EP by Subway Daydream | indie rock

► “Fallin’ Orange

PAL.Sounds1 by Various artists | techno

► “Liquid Talk” by Keiju

Terminal by YUKI | pop

► “My Lovely Ghost

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