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Feb 22, 2023Liked by Ryo Miyauchi

I'm a relative novice regarding the Japanese music scene, but very much enjoy reading This Side of Japan for your insights and suggestions. I went to The Last Rockstars show in LA as much out of curiosity as anything else, being aware of the performers but not really a "fan" per se. I am a fan of Band Maid though, which was announced quite late as the opening act, so that was an added bonus. Minus the delay between the opening act and the main act, I though it was a great show! TLRS performance was, I thought, very glam metal reminiscent of 80s and early 90s LA rock/metal. As you described, the histrionics of the performers combined with the response of the audience, made the show quite entertaining. And I, of course, really enjoyed Band Maid's performance even though it was only a few songs.

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