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Monthly Listening: December 2021

This Side of Japan's Best of 2021: The Friends List

This Side of Japan's Top 100 Japanese Songs of 2021

[Text list] This Side of Japan's Top 100 Japanese Songs of 2021

[Text List] Idol Watch's Top 100 Idol Songs of 2021

Idol Watch's Top 100 Idol Songs of 2021

Monthly Listening: November 2021

10 Years of JPN: A Conversation About Perfume's Trajectory-Changing Third Album

Issue #44: See-Voice

6 Non-2021 Favorite Albums of 2021

Monthly Listening: October 2021

Film Review: In Those Days

Idol Watch #10: September/October 2021

(Flipped) Issue #43: Sa-World

Issue #42: ...Makes Me Smile

Monthly Listening: September 2021

Behind the Attitude of B.O.L.T: A Mini Guide to the Pop Punk Bands Featured in the Idol Group's New Album

Issue #41: Attitude Fancy

You Can (Not) Undo: On Hikaru Utada's Songs for the Evangelion Rebuild Series

Issue #40: Annihilation

Monthly Listening: August 2021

Issue #39: Daybreak

On the audio leak of ZOC's Seiko Oomori and Kannagi Maro

Idol Watch (Flipped) #9: July/August 2021

Issue #38: I'll Put You in Misery

Monthly Listening: July 2021

Issue #37: Survival Lady

Coming and Going: Introducing the Rappers of "Presence"

Issue #36: PON PON PON

The Anime Issue: This Side of Japan's Favorite Anime Songs of 2021 (So Far)

50 Favorite Songs of 2021 (So Far)

Monthly Listening: Best of 2021 (So Far)

50 Favorite Idol Songs of 2021 (So Far)

Idol Watch #8: May/June 2021

(Flipped) Issue #35: Arigato!

Issue #34: Pretend to Swim

As Seen on TV: 5 Favorite Drama Tie-Up J-pop Songs of 2021 (So Far)

Monthly Listening: May 2021

Issue #33: Sputnik

Dreams of the Year 2010: A This Side of Japan Playlist

Next Stage with You: Perfume enters the virtual in Imaginary Museum "Time Warp"

Issue #32: Move Like Light

Idol Watch #7: March/April 2021

Idol Watch presents Verzuz: vs. Momoiro Clover Z

Monthly Listening: April 2021

Issue #31: Wonderland

Issue #30: Akaboshi Aoboshi

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Monthly Listening: March 2021

5 Songs Not on KanJam's Best J-pop Songs 2000-2020 List (But Should Have Been)

Issue #29: Cover Girl Wears Villa

Issue #28: Beef or Chicken?

Hyadain Week, Day 5: "RAINBOW ~Watashi Wa Watashi Yanenkara~” & "Tadekuu Mushi Mo Like It!"

Hyadain Week, Day 4: "Takoyaki in My Heart," "Sing!!!!!" & "Kinpachi Dance Music"

Hyadain Week, Day 3: "W.W.D." & "W.W.D. II"

Hyadain Week, Day 2: "Datte Aarin Nandamon" & "Oh My Ghost?"

Hyadain Week, Day 1: "Ikuze! Kaito Shojo" & “Hyadain No Kakakata Kataomoi-C”

Introducing Hyadain Week: Exploring a Decade of Kenichi Maeyamada a.k.a. Hyadain!

Monthly Listening: February 2021

Idol Watch #6: January/February 2021

Not So Foreign: A Conversation on Writing About Non-Western Music

Issue #27: Not So Foreign

Issue #26: Between Isekai and Slice of Life

Monthly Listening: January 2021

This Side of Japan Feedback Survey: The Results

Issue #25: Multiverse

Issue #24: Kusou Sekai

Golden Routes: An Intro Guide to the Rappers Featured in DJ Chari & DJ Tatsuki's New Album

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