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Monthly Listening: December 2020

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This Side of Japan's 100 Favorite Songs of 2020 (Part 2: 51-100)

[Text List] 100 Favorite Songs of 2020

This Side of Japan's 100 Favorite Songs of 2020 (Part 1: 1-50)

This Side of Japan's 100 Favorite Idol Songs of 2020

[Text List] 100 Favorite Idol Songs of 2020

Haruomi Hosono and Exotica (Part 1)

Monthly Listening: November 2020

Club Under Construction: Discussing Bandai Namco's New Denonbu Project

Intro to Music-Based Character Project Denonbu - Inside the Experience to Discover New Content

Issue #23: Ne Minna Daisuki Dayo

Monthly Listening: October 2020

Idol Watch #5: September & October 2020

Issue #22: Can't Stop Fallin' in Love

Issue #21: Who Are the Zoomgals?

Zoom in on My Face: Who Are the Zoomgals?

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Issue #20: Boku No Time Warp

50 Best Perfume Songs

Issue #19: Live Online but with YOU!

The Conversation: Sora Tob Sakana

Issue #18: Lucky Pool

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Rock Band: Idol Edition - The Playlist

Issue #17: Deep Blue

Issue #16: Talking Translation

Talking Translation with kimonobeat

Inside the Futuristic Artists of S.D.S. =Zero=

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Issue #15: Nomake Story

Shuta Hasunuma and RYUTist staff discuss idol and music post-coronavirus

Issue #14: Halfway / Oriai

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Idol Watch #3: May & June 2020

Top 50 Idol Songs of 2020... So Far

Issue #13: M Stands For...

Zeebra Discusses the '90s Hip Hop Scene That Made Him

The Rock Issue: The Rookies of 2020

Issue #12: Akarui Mirai

Yonige Interview: "I Wanted to Write About Sadness Without the Tragedy"

Black Lives Matter

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Issue #11: Seishun Collection

The Rap Issue: Favorite Rap of 2020 So Far

Issue #9: Sakura Ga Saku Koroni

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Issue #5: Peaaaaaaaach!

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Issue #4: Monday at Nine

Issue #3: Boku Wa Iyada!!

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Issue #2: Everything You Need to Know: The Voice

Issue #1: Ake Ome Koto Yoro